Natural Deodorant…

img_20170110_103816_567After I gave birth, I noticed that my underarm odor was on 1000! Holy! I had problems with odor before but nothing was lasting, and I had to switch deodorants multiple times. I This led me to do more research on the underarms, anti-perspirants and deodorants. The long term effects of using commercial ‘deos’ were saddening and low key stressed me out. I didn’t get the chance to delve more into making natural changes but I recently decided to do so for the new year. The thought of making my own seemed weird as I knew the power in my underarms! lol. I however tried a recipe I found here: I did not follow the measurements as I did not want to make too much, as I wanted to sample it first. This was a huge mistake! img_20170219_151302957I got the worst burns, my arms were dark and the skin was stripping. I was at a lost. My arms were not funky and the fat under no longer felt swollen and hurt. however, the skin was suffering. Luckily, I had also followed her steps on how to detox the armpits and had bentonite clay around the house. I did some research and replaced the baking soda with bentonite clay, added magnesium and lavender. I still didn’t measure but only because I know nothing else in the initial mix caused a reaction. I also just wanted a sample, but this ended up being more than I had planned so I’m working with it. Things have been going well with this mix of cornstarch, bentonite clay, magnesium, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree and lavender oil; no irritation. Truthfully, it doesn’t last as long as the initial mix. I spray some magnesium under my arms and use my fingers to apply it all over, wear it to work and in the morning before gym, I top up! While it is way more work than commercial long last, 24-48 hour deodorants, I feel better using this mix! Once this batch is finished though, I may move on to a natural deodorant from the store as this will not win against the summer heat but is a very nice welcomed break! Until then…i’m working with it! lol


Healthy Hair…

img_20170213_001643652Confession…I am obsessed with oils!! When my friend hacked off my hair on March 18th, 2016, I was glad that I no longer had to spent hours doing my hair, plus maintaining it on a daily basis, plus treating it every night. I had an insane regimen that I followed and while it did pay off, it was just too much! I figured going natural was a low maintenance, low impact deal. It has been in a lot of ways, but it does need maybe the same or more one on one care. It is very easy to feel the difference in the way your hair thirst when you are natural and not treating it as you should. Anyhoo, after talking with my fellow naturalistas I found myself in the habit of using various oils. So much so I created a mix of all the oils I use at some point in my life because….why not? lol.

I use it in my sons hair as well as he has luscious curly hair and he does deserve a lil img_20170213_000923241TLC.

I don’t even know why I need so much, but it just sits well with me and mentally I feel like I am doing enough when I use this mix in my hair! Perhaps I’ve gone crazy but I can’t help but feel like this is making up for all the times I slack off in caring for my hair. I used 1tbsp. jojoba and castor oil, 2tbsp. carrot, coconut, shea butter and vegetable gylcerin, a 1/4 cup of olive oil and a few drops of tea tree for scalp lovin’! Of course the tea tree is the only thing that is a lil off-putting, but the benefits outweigh the ugly smell:-)


Body butter business….

img_20170213_000800021 I pulled myself out of the creating rut when I saw that my supply had dwindled to the last bit. I spent the evening concocting a body butter that I use for my son and myself. I have no idea about which products eliminate which but I have seen wonderful results, so I have been continuing my regime. I have especially been ensuring that he is well moisturized during these eczema days and this mix seems to be helping as well.

On a double broiler which is a pot filled with boiling water and an old pasta jar (lol), I


The end result…

add ¼ cup of grated beeswax, ½ cup of coconut oil and 2 tbsp. shea butter. Once it all melts and has cooled a bit, I add 3 tbsp. almond oil, 1 tbsp. castor and jojoba oil and 1 tbsp. lanolin (for my son).

The lanolin is the only thing I have an issue with as it is funky and I don’t add essential oils to anything made for him, but thankfully the smell doesn’t linger.

When eczema attacks….


I don’t have much experience with eczema and I hate it. I hate it with a passion. I first saw these cluster on bumps on my sons’ side on Jan. 11th when we woke up to go to about our day. I used an oatmeal rub on him the same evening and started making sure his skin was well moisturized. They would not go away, they actually started spreading. Then I felt the same small bumps on his thighs and arms. I was at a loss. I am skin obsessed! It’s the first thing I notice on people and it’s the number 1 thing I work on every day. I decided to give in and took him to a walk-in clinic. The doctor said oh it’s just eczema and gave me a prescription for something a little stronger than the usual. Something with steroids. ‘Just Eczema?!’ I thought. I’ve seen the horrors of eczema. I’ve seen how the skin get leathery and how horrible the itching is. I had horrible itching all over my legs and back while pregnant and wouldn’t want my baby dealing with that. I did not fill that prescription. I actually didn’t do much right away. I had to do some research. I walked into my favorite health store and the clerk suggested Grahams, she used it on her son and had seen results. She also recommended that we change his diet ASAP. So we did, bye homo milk, bye bananas, bye yogurt and later on we said goodbye to peanut butter!! I still can’t put my finger on his trigger but we have only re-introduced yogurt and he’s img_20170203_072927_020been doing well. The Grahams fought hard against the eczema and thank goodness there wasn’t much itching but it wasn’t clearing it away. It did a good at moisturizing the bumps and ‘deflating’ them but I need them gone. We were steadfast, I did more research and the wonders of colloidal silver was being touted from a couple of moms. I bought a bottle and within a week mixed with the Grahams, baby is on his way to wellness! I couldn’t be happier.  I even drank some two days to see if I would feel anything! We had always maintained using my homemade body butter on him, so once our mix dried on him we rubbed over it with the butter. This butter contains shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and castor oil. I haven’t had a chance to take an updated picture but I’m happy so far. I can’t wait to stick him in the sun when Summer hits! Sigh…..but for now, Go away eczema!

Please let me know what has worked for you!