!Diaper Yeast Attack!

You know how they say be careful what you post online as one day your child might see it?…. yah, I’ll spare you pictures of my sons diaper yeast. I don’t want to be the reason he becomes ridiculed in school, but this thing was bad. It looked like moss, lil booty eating moss. I’m not sure if it hurt as he didn’t scratch too much. Incidentally, I learned the hard way that Magnesium was the worst thing to put on it. I mixed colloidal silver with magnesium and rubbed it on and he jumped and started scratching and kicking up his legs. Thank God his nails were cut or he’d tear a cheek off. It was a battle to get him to stop moving long enough for me to wipe the shit off, but eventually it passed. Poor child! The doctor had diagnosed it as diaper yeast and gave me a cream. It worked for a little bit, but then the diaper yeast was back. It was here bigger and spreading wider. I read online about Boudreaux butt paste and used it on him and holy! He got a rash on his poor pecker. I finally said ok, back to the doctor. Hubs told them it was getting worse and somehow the doctor convinced him it was getting better. Even though he lives with us, and we are the ones cleaning that butt every damn day! She prescribed Polysporin and I was pissed! That was used for healing cuts sooner than time would and this wasn’t a regular ‘ol diaper rash. We also couldn’t use it everyday and to me a day missed not working on this is a day it gets to either get better or worse. I needed it to get better only. I used it and it worked a little bit, the Canesten cream worked way better than it did.

After taking a step back and tracking a timeline from when this first became an issue, I realized it was going on for far too long. I wanted it gone and off my kids bum. The ever nurturing Google was my refuge. This time I looked up natural methods of getting rid of this thing. I would wash his butt with warm water with 2 drops of tea tree oil added, then smear yogurt on. This was so messy! This was working and even our daycare lady did it every now and then. We changed him often and gave him lots of breaks (lots of clean-ups) to help offer some relief. He unfortunately got an eczema outbreak from the Greek Yogurt we were adding to his bottle at nights and when we pulled it from his diet, we were left with a tub of the stuff to finish. *facepalm*. Our previous solution worked on the eczema, it’s just now we couldn’t tell which was which easily in order to contain the diaper yeast.  Nevertheless, I was on the charge and started applying the Greek Yogurt to his butt. I want to say within a week, I could actually see the yeast drying up. I read somewhere that when it started drying up I should not apply the yogurt anymore, as it was on the mend. Every now and then though I’d do this routine at nights, when he’s sleeping. Especially if he pooped in his sleep. Hubs mentioned that it might be something he eats that triggered it, but for the life of us we can’t put out finger on this one. He would poo and then bam! His entire butt is in rashes. Sigh! Kudos to the natural mommy goddesses that share their magic. I am eternally grateful to the wave of naturopathic educators on the internet….my baby’s butt thanks you! ….xoxo




Coconut dreams…


shredded coconut

img_20170227_214154020We have been dealing with a case of diaper yeast for about a month now. We got a prescription for it because it looked so bad and it went away then came back. We read a lot about how your sugar intake affects it and we noticed that his night time changes were too infrequent which we believe caused it.

Now, since we switched from homo milk to coconut milk we no longer have issues with eczema. We actually believe that the milk was his trigger. All weekend long I mixed his formula with 2% cows milk instead of the coconut milk and by Sunday night I could feel bumps on his thighs and arms. I felt sad about both issues and decided to try something new, as I love being creative.



While we haven’t tackled the diaper yeast issue yet and will be taking him back to the doctor, we wanted to work on his milk. See, the coconut milk he was getting nightly, 2-3 times sometimes was a bit sweet. I switched brands to one that has been a perfect fit so far but I wanted to kick it up a notch and make my own. I love ‘Wellness Mama’ and when my first search referred to her page, I became even more excited. The recipe here: Homemade Coconut Milk was very easy and the product was delicious! I tasted the coconut milk we switched to and it tasted very similar, major plus!

I was skeptical in buying coconut chunks or whole coconut because you can’t see the flesh but my aunt bought an entire coconut and loved it, so I decided to try! Thanks Wal-Mart.