Coconut dreams…


shredded coconut

img_20170227_214154020We have been dealing with a case of diaper yeast for about a month now. We got a prescription for it because it looked so bad and it went away then came back. We read a lot about how your sugar intake affects it and we noticed that his night time changes were too infrequent which we believe caused it.

Now, since we switched from homo milk to coconut milk we no longer have issues with eczema. We actually believe that the milk was his trigger. All weekend long I mixed his formula with 2% cows milk instead of the coconut milk and by Sunday night I could feel bumps on his thighs and arms. I felt sad about both issues and decided to try something new, as I love being creative.



While we haven’t tackled the diaper yeast issue yet and will be taking him back to the doctor, we wanted to work on his milk. See, the coconut milk he was getting nightly, 2-3 times sometimes was a bit sweet. I switched brands to one that has been a perfect fit so far but I wanted to kick it up a notch and make my own. I love ‘Wellness Mama’ and when my first search referred to her page, I became even more excited. The recipe here: Homemade Coconut Milk was very easy and the product was delicious! I tasted the coconut milk we switched to and it tasted very similar, major plus!

I was skeptical in buying coconut chunks or whole coconut because you can’t see the flesh but my aunt bought an entire coconut and loved it, so I decided to try! Thanks Wal-Mart.


Granola Crumble?

img_20170214_102338_654So I love dessert! It’s my weakness. Wherever there’s cake, I’m available. I added granola, poured some yogurt on top then added blueberries. I sprinkled hemp hearts and chia seeds on top. Chia makes a great pudding so I know it would be palatable after sitting in yogurt for awhile. My goodness I did not expect such a yummy snack! It tasted like a fresh cake. The granola soaked up the yogurt and was moist. The yogurt was like icing, the blueberry juice was welcoming and the chia and hemp hearts was great as a crunch to balance it all. I had it at room temperature but chilling in the fridge was way yummier! It genuinely tasted like an individual cake:-)

Breakfast on the go…

img_20170219_163952037-1I used to have oatmeal with granola and some sort of nut and grain every morning. after awhile, I started getting stomach aches every single day. Sadly, I had to replace the oatmeal. I replaced it with a green smoothie and 2 boiled eggs. Eventually I got very bored of this every single day. I then opted for the gluten free Chex cereal, got bored again. Last week I decided to try this Special K cereal and even my son loves it!! NO stomach cramps and it’s very filling! My next plan is gluten free overnight oats! Very happy with this choice so far. Try some!

ACV trial…..

I always have apple cider vinegar in my home. Whenever my throat feels a little ticklish, I dilute a tablespoon with a img_20170219_145159341cup of water and down it. It works in building me up against what would have been a cold in a few days. I usually get the supermarket brand but I decided to pick up a bottle of Bragg. Now, we’ve all heard it, Apple Cider Vinegar cuts belly fat. There’s ads all over the internet about it and reports on researchers finding positive results. My hubby has recently taken drinking this as a daily ritual, so I decided to get a bottle of the real deal!  So, I poured about 2 tablespoons in a cup with a little water to dilute it, no measurements whatsoever. I did NOT know or expect how strong this would be. I immediately felt funny in the tummy. I pushed it to the back of my mind as breakfast was about to go down and I didn’t want to miss out. I ate with the family but could not make it much future. My stomach was being ripped a part. I dropped the kids off at the pool then crashed on the couch as my stomach was rumbling. I reached out to a friend and  she let me know that I need an entire bottle of water for 2 teaspoons much less the little bit I had with 2 tablespoons!! OY VEY! All in all, when I was done with my trips to the washroom, I felt really clear and I was starving:-(. I could see how this works but will be very sure to dilute! dilute! dilute!

Simple Salmon


In progress…

Today I wanted a simple salmon.

I have made elaborate salmon meals with mayo and parmesan that was delicious! Today, I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy as my appetite hasn’t been the greatest lately. I wanted something quick and light. I had to prepare lunch for work and so I decided to keep it plain and I did not regret it! I chopped some hot peppers, green onions, white onions, green peppers and mashed garlic. I then rubbed my fish with salt and black pepper. I put some of my seasoningsimg_20170213_102331_778 on the foil, then laid my fish on top and covered it with the remaining seasonings. I placed thyme on top, it was originally 2 stems but the other fell on the ground! I then baked it for 25 mins at 375.

I paired this yummy light fish with a salad that had strawberries, red onions and blueberries galore. It was enough to satisfy my cravings and help me with getting some omega 3 fatty acids;-)

Sticky wings….

I would like to share an easy, yummy, sticky wings recipe my husband blessed us with tonight!

Wash and clean chicken. img_20170205_230555592

Rub: onion powder, salt, parsley flakes, paprika, baking powder

Sauce: Diana’s honey dijon bbq sauce, pimento, sugar, honey, ginger, garlic, onion powder and ketchup

Bake: At 375, bake for 20 minutes and turn wings. 20 minutes again then add sauce. Bake 15 minutes then turn and sauce up other side, bake again for 15 minutes and VOILA!!

We enjoyed ours with fries and garlic bread:-)

Green goals…



Isn’t it odd how people get judged for eating well? How much people turn up their noses at suggestions that involve earth grown or natural processes. I don’t mean vegans, they’re on their own planet masked with a level of aggression that is impenetrable. I mean how people are so timid to try things, natural things. How they pity people who only eat salads and condemn them as if they should be ashamed. To the point that healthy food is labelled ‘rabbit food’. How you can almost feel people thinking you have a complex because you put yourself on a strict healthy diet. I do it as well, I won’t lie. However I do it as an inquiry. Are you sure you’re eating enough? Is that sufficient for your body, do you have enough energy.

As I embark on an even greater natural path for myself and my family, I find myself asking these questions as well. Researching what gives me what and is enough. What shouldn’t I over do or what definitely doesn’t go together and I’m lost. However, I try and I just don’t get the hesitation or the need to degrade your own health further. I once had someone say they only eat chicken breast and I though wow good; until I realized it was in reference to Popeye’s. I can honestly say I’m not a fan of chicken breast, too meaty, but I don’t fake the funk either. I don’t get a diet coke with a huge burger and upgraded fries. I honestly try and at times I fall short, but I don’t put others down for their strength. I aspire to be a lot and do more. Pushing myself to a certain point. I hope for the new year, everyone will take an extra step to being healthier and eating better as well. How bad could that be?