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Here’s a bit of inspiration for that special day!




Tamayo and Nicole

Wedding date: May 16th, 2010ww2

Wedding theme/uniqueness: Nothing major. Intimate Style  with 15-20 guests.

Best tip: Make purchases but do not say they are for a wedding.  The simple word ‘wedding’ drives up the costs by 100%. Control  every single part of the planning in order to ensure that things are  done the way you want and there is no debating with people who  don’t see or understand your vision. Take everything in strides.  Your budget will change many times, even with our small wedding,  our budget changed at least 2 times. List everything, when emotions start running high, you will not have a complete handle on things and may forget a few things. Do not buy bridal magazines, they are product placement magnets.

 Economical trade-off:  If you don’t have to buy/use real flowers,  then build your own bouquets. Also, utilize people in your family  that have a touch for the crafts or can sew. You will save yourself  the  head ache of running behind people who aren’t fulfilling what  you’re paying for and save on a lot of minor changes that would have otherwise be costly. Utilize Shutterfly!

Wedding day horror: My mother burned my wedding veil! I had to run out and get a new one.

ww 1

Definite splurge: The bride and groom outfits, when you look good, you will definitely feel good. Be creative with the food and liquor! This will be memorable and guests will filled tummies make the best memories. Also, pictures and videos done professionally makes quite a difference!

Ceremony tip: Don’t have the officiant/pastor do it all. Ask people close to you to do various things, like a readinww4g or a song. It breaks up the service and introduces new elements to the ceremony. Also, experiment with different forms of entertainment. We had a saxophonist for the ceremony as opposed to someone just playing a popular song.

Reception tip:
Don’t sit too far from your guests. The bridal party will be too tired and unacquainted to entertain you. Plus, you want to be in on those jokes from the various tables.

Guest tip: Get them involved and over feed them!

Honeymoon:  Didn’t have one:-(….SOOO MAYBE HAVE ONE! LOL


Jhennel and Adrian Pt. 1….

We would like to introduce Jhennel and Adrian’s pre-wedding story, as told by the bride herself….

The Knot

I’ve always dreamed about  getting married for as long as I can remember and for a while, during my mid twenties, I thought it wouldn’t happen. Until it did happen! It definitely wasn’t the modern elaborate way which includes  booking a fancy restaurant, my then boyfriend getting on one knee to propose or any fishing around my jewelry to sneak a ring out so he could match my size. It was more a mutual discussion  and we decided that we loved each other and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. To make it special for the both of us, we went to the park where we had our first date, bought our favorite take-out, 2 cans of beer, spread a blanket and had a good time under the night sky. He gave me a ring and reiterated the reasons why he wanted me to have his last name. May not have been fancy but it was one of the best nights of my life.

Adrian and Jhen

So I was engaged! Now here is where I think things started to get rocky. We planned on having a small very intimate wedding because we are both immensely shy and we just didn’t want to spend so much money on a wedding. I mean the prices are outrageous for weddings. Who is paying for these weddings….We decided it would be a garden wedding at Edward Gardens  in Toronto with only close friends and family, then it would be followed by a quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant and then that would be our special day. I mean in our minds this was it picture perfect but the mistake that I made, a very big mistake at that, is that I waited to tell my parents after we got engaged. I couldn’t give you a reason as to why I would do such a thing knowing who my Mother was, but things started to get complicated when I gave her the news. So I had to muster up the courage, put my big girl panties on, man up… tell her that I was engaged… AND….. getting married in 2 months and at this point I was already engaged for a month! Oh she was not having it!

I know, I know… Stupid! I felt stupid for taking so long but I had my reasons that’s the only way I can justify my actions.  So she wasn’t happy. We went back and forth for another month, arguing, bickering, reasoning, explaining, reviewing the plans, the budget, what is my family going to think about me doing it so soon. The list goes on and on; a months worth of on and ons. She picked at everything and I just didn’t want to be at home anymore. At this point I was working a full time job, a part time job and I have a business that I am trying to make successful. Not only that, Adrian works like a maniac as well and being a mechanic his hours were all over the place and unpredictable.

 I was pressured and wondered if I was doing the right thing. Don’t get me wrong, my mother had amazing inputs on venues, discounts, hook ups and so much more. It’s just that it took her a month to look past the fact that it was rapidly approaching. So if you’re keeping up and your mathematics skills are on point, i’m left with one month to plan this wedding. The saviour of this all though was that I had already written plans, made some contacts and oh yes I got a wicked deal on a wedding dress at David’s Bridal. So it was not too bad.

The guest list grew from around 12 to 30 so that meant getting a bigger venue and the restaurant was a no! So my Mother and I bustled and hustled and we found the perfect venue that didn’t require us to move to different locations in rush hour on a Tuesday…Oh yea… The wedding is on a Tuesday!  It would still be an intimate ceremony and reception just that we would throw some entertainment into the mix: a little dancing, a little photo booth action, more embarrassing/emotional toast/speeches.

I gathered my friends and family and gave them work assignments to help a sister out. I physically couldn’t do all these things on my own. I got my brother and his wife to do a little engagement/bbq party so that all my friends and family could celebrate and not feel left out. I got my Mother to be in charge of decorations, my maid of honor probably suffered the most.I was constantly messaging her my process, asking for ideas, hours in the mall looking for a dress  and with a newborn that must have been no easy task. So now, I am 1 week away from July 7,2015, my wedding date, the day I met my Husband to be at his work place begging him for a discount to fix my muffler.

This was not easy. There are so many details that you always have to be on top of if you are not hiring a professional. The constant emails of signing contracts, colour schemes, setups, music list etc could get overwhelming but with firm plans and goals it gets so much easier, I promise. There were times that I wanted to cry and give up but exhaustion got the best of my tears. My bible throughout all of this was making a list for everything with timelines. Everyone got a list of instructions with scraggly drawings, deadlines, and bold red fonts to indicate that this was a must. Everyone so far has pulled through. The beginning is always tough as with anything you do in life but the journey of a thousand miles began with the first step. Yeah, I through a cheesy line in there but you need something to believe in to start and anything works’

Details of their wedding to follow….