!Diaper Yeast Attack!

You know how they say be careful what you post online as one day your child might see it?…. yah, I’ll spare you pictures of my sons diaper yeast. I don’t want to be the reason he becomes ridiculed in school, but this thing was bad. It looked like moss, lil booty eating moss. I’m not sure if it hurt as he didn’t scratch too much. Incidentally, I learned the hard way that Magnesium was the worst thing to put on it. I mixed colloidal silver with magnesium and rubbed it on and he jumped and started scratching and kicking up his legs. Thank God his nails were cut or he’d tear a cheek off. It was a battle to get him to stop moving long enough for me to wipe the shit off, but eventually it passed. Poor child! The doctor had diagnosed it as diaper yeast and gave me a cream. It worked for a little bit, but then the diaper yeast was back. It was here bigger and spreading wider. I read online about Boudreaux butt paste and used it on him and holy! He got a rash on his poor pecker. I finally said ok, back to the doctor. Hubs told them it was getting worse and somehow the doctor convinced him it was getting better. Even though he lives with us, and we are the ones cleaning that butt every damn day! She prescribed Polysporin and I was pissed! That was used for healing cuts sooner than time would and this wasn’t a regular ‘ol diaper rash. We also couldn’t use it everyday and to me a day missed not working on this is a day it gets to either get better or worse. I needed it to get better only. I used it and it worked a little bit, the Canesten cream worked way better than it did.

After taking a step back and tracking a timeline from when this first became an issue, I realized it was going on for far too long. I wanted it gone and off my kids bum. The ever nurturing Google was my refuge. This time I looked up natural methods of getting rid of this thing. I would wash his butt with warm water with 2 drops of tea tree oil added, then smear yogurt on. This was so messy! This was working and even our daycare lady did it every now and then. We changed him often and gave him lots of breaks (lots of clean-ups) to help offer some relief. He unfortunately got an eczema outbreak from the Greek Yogurt we were adding to his bottle at nights and when we pulled it from his diet, we were left with a tub of the stuff to finish. *facepalm*. Our previous solution worked on the eczema, it’s just now we couldn’t tell which was which easily in order to contain the diaper yeast.  Nevertheless, I was on the charge and started applying the Greek Yogurt to his butt. I want to say within a week, I could actually see the yeast drying up. I read somewhere that when it started drying up I should not apply the yogurt anymore, as it was on the mend. Every now and then though I’d do this routine at nights, when he’s sleeping. Especially if he pooped in his sleep. Hubs mentioned that it might be something he eats that triggered it, but for the life of us we can’t put out finger on this one. He would poo and then bam! His entire butt is in rashes. Sigh! Kudos to the natural mommy goddesses that share their magic. I am eternally grateful to the wave of naturopathic educators on the internet….my baby’s butt thanks you! ….xoxo




Night time Babba woes…

*Sigh* …Our food drama continues…

Since lately baby (2 yr. old) has been waking up multiple times throughout the night screaming for a bottle. We were trying to wean him off bottles, formulas and bedtime ‘babbas’ but the child was legitimately starving.

We tried giving him water, rocking him back to sleep, letting him wake up, turning on his favorite videos on his tablets, singing songs etc. None of it works as fast as a warm bottle does.  Truth be told, most times we needed to go back to bed as well. When our efforts failed we tried to find ways to full his stomach. We only use almond and coconut milk and so we figured they weren’t holding him as long as we needed. Plus, frequently waking up meant he wasn’t hitting deep a sleep to me. one night he woke up 6 times and he polished off his bottle each time. We knew we needed to make a change. We needed to make baby fuller, longer. We figured he was tired of the Pediasure, so I looked at other things.  I perused the supermarket aisle and was considering a baby cereal but there wasn’t any that went up to his age.  A quick Google search suggested that greek yogurt is one food that keeps you fuller longer. I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try even though he was technically limited when it came to dairy.

I bought a small tub of organic plain to try and it worked like a charm! One tablespoon in his night time bottle and he only woke up 1 time for the night looking for his fill. He even seemed more well rested. I especially loved that this wasn’t a filler like the cereal would be but a great healthy addition with lots of Calcium benefits!


Mama Hotline Bling

Perhaps you will pause for a minute or scroll on by.

This Mother’s Day make sure you call your mother, at least to say ‘hi’.

Don’t send her a text, email or just a delivery.

Let her hear your voice or see your angel face physically.

Where she can touch and look upon you directly.


A mother can look into your eyes and know your lies.

It’s also the place that tells her you’re weak or how much you’ve tried.

She will always make your favorite meal on the fly.

Be the one that answers, Every. Single. Time.


Make sure you tell her you love and appreciate her

Hug up, squeeze up and draw nearer, nearer

Tell her you’re acknowledging her worth.

That you know you changed her life at your birth

Your words are heavy, make sure you don’t stutter

Joke about how you know you’re the best thing in her life

That you live happily, that will make her smile; her heart flutter.


Call your mother this Mother’s Day

Let the conversation linger on, let her say all she has to say

Somewhere in all the pleasantries your fears will be exposed

But do not feel guilt when she says ‘a mother always knows’.

Tell her you’re grateful she’s recognized you as an adult.

That you don’t intentionally mean to be difficult.

Before you run off the phone, say ‘I love YOU mama’.

You’re all I worry and think about

Remind her that for all 365 days, she’s all you care about.

Eating battles with babe….

Tonight was a very emotional night in our home. I noticed after my son was sick in February that he no longer swallowed his food easily and his eating changed significantly. We started planning to wean him from the bottle and so eating solids needed to be an all-time thing. Tonight proved we may just be in for the delay of our life. I gave my son a spoonful of beans and chicken against his wishes and asked him to ‘eat up’. He paused, and with his mouth closed tears started falling down his face. I began watching him and he managed to say ‘love you’ while trying to hold the food in his mouth. It broke me down and of course I scooped him up. I didn’t let him spit it out as I wanted to really see what would happen. Especially since this was the first time I was forcing him to eat. It hurt me so much that he used ‘love you’ in that way; as if he’s apologizing for whatever he did that put him here. I held him for a while and coaxed him to chew and swallow. He just cried and cried. It was in such a mature way, I felt so guilty. He would say ‘ok’ and hold his eyes trying to not let the tears fall. I encouraged him every step of the way but it wasn’t working. For some reason, every time he swallowed I gave him another spoonful. On the third spoonful, I decided to not give him any more as I could feel his stomach quiver when he saw me loading up the spoon. I have never seen him so….broken and sorry. Even though he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s not quite 2 yet but he was so emotional about eating. It was as if he really couldn’t help it. I felt like such a bad mom. I didn’t cry in front of him but I lost it when I thought back to how long this has been going on. I felt so guilty for not being around more for him. He used to be home all day 4 days out of the week and we used to be together all day for 2 and now his one on one time has been cut way down. He now attends daycare full-time as I changed jobs and the weekends are split with daddy and me. I can’t help but feel like if I was around more, then he would be eating home meals more. I woke his father up and he comforted him. I managed to record him whenever I told him to chew and noticed he wasn’t using his teeth but was just moving the food around. His father let him spit out what was in his mouth and he ate a lil banana after awhile. Turned out he hadn’t swallowed any of what he was fed. I couldn’t just sit around. I grabbed my handbag and went to the supermarket. I got Pediasure, multivitamins, pouch purees, All Bran, Fibre 1 and a rusk he became fond of during our stay in Cuba. When I got in 1 gave him a teaspoon of cod liver oil. This weekend we will be taking him to take a look at those tonsils; just to be sure. I never thought we would be going through an eating war as he used to eat EVERYTHING! Sigh. Guess things can’t go smoothly for too long!

Flight deck….

As previous posts will show, nothing is off limits on this blog.

I wanted to discuss a recent traumatic experience that my husband and I endured. It was a cool Friday evening and we were all packed and ready to go to the airport. My son seemed to be in good spirits. I mean the kid was talking up a storm the entire way there. We got dropped off and stood looking at the double doors. We were about to fly with a toddler. All was going well until we realised we left the car seat in the car. No biggie, my beautiful cousin quickly made it back to the airport and we grabbed it with loads of time left!

The airport days of traveling has changed and if legal, mandatory rapid blood and drug tests would be a thing for everyone. It is and will always feel that invasive! Nevertheless, we marched through those doors with high hope! Upon seeing the huge wide open spaces, charging all about became his thing. We made a deal, I dealt with the docs and hubby manned the child. When I tell you that I was exhausted by the time we got on that flight; believe me. He
ran about, we read him books, we sang him songs, he rode the escalator a million times, he screamed at the top of his lungs and cried every time we tried to constrain him. We were being beat and we couldn’t do shit about it. It was rents versus kid and the kid was a champ. To make things even more complicated, we were stuck with a flight delayed for over an hour! I thought I was about to lose my mind and could see that my husband’s patience and high spirits were fraying as well. We did it all and nothing was good enough to grab his attention. My personal favorite was when he pulled all the pringles out of the can and crushed them at all once, all over the seats and floor. In shame, and with heads hung, I threw away the red tin after barely getting a good taste of a chip that brought me back to my childhood. At this point we were engulfed in desperation and could not leave. We were trapped with what felt like that all the passengers in the entire airport in a tight section. My child was wreaking havoc and we were both losing our minds! He wouldn’t sit still! What kind of sorcery was this?!

Salvation came when he finally said ‘sleepy’. Out of the blue, he decided he had enough, did a great job at torturing us and wanted to go to bed. My hubby rocked him to sleep and thankfully we had a quiet flight. We were winded and
wished we could sleep too but that was out of the question. What I know though was that I absolutely loved being glared at by other passengers on the plane. I low key wished my son was awake to do his roaring lion sound at every one of them. Seriously, he was already sleeping and people still thought it necessary to show their disappointment with having a child on their flight! BOOOO! Be nice!

Our return flight was another horror but this time only because of the ear popping. All four babies and me were bawling our eyes out. It was horrible and none of them could settle enough to get some rest, thankfully it was only an hour long flight. At first the gentleman seated directly beside us refused to make eye contact. It was as if he acknowledged us things would become real. We ignored him because a fitting war of words would have rained on him at the slightest peep! I detest people who go out of their way to treat people like they are insignificant. We needed to let him know in advance that were sorry for what he was about to endure, as he was being a jerk we didn’t care.

Salute to the mom that gave my son a stuffed toy that absolutely scared the shit out of him. I felt a slight tinge of satisfaction watching him scream! He eventually warmed up to it and it calmed him for a bit. When her baby started bawling his little eyes out from the turbulence, we gave it back….sigh! Looking forward to doing this again soon. Hope this time I won’t have to gouge my eyes out!


I recently had an ordeal that left me a bit confused at the nerve of some people. My mother accidentally met my son for the first time in his entire life last week. My son is about to be 2yrs old. While it was brief (thank God), she managed to get my husband to agree to meeting up so that he could collect gifts her side of the family had for our son. The meeting went down and I carefully donated all gifts to the Make-A-Wish donation. I could have just thrown them away. What struck a chord with me is the fact that she labelled the gift bag as being from ‘Nana’ and put ‘Grandpa’ before her husband’s name. My uncle had let me know that he had left things there for my son but they didn’t even have the common decency to add his name.  I was grateful for the fact that my son is young and couldn’t attach himself to the thought of who these people he met randomly at a clinic is to him. I was so annoyed, because I grew up attached to someone with a title that refused to have a hand in raising me. As neither my husband or I have a relationship with the gift givers, their audacity boggled my mind. It reminded me very much about people who boosts about relationships that don’t exist, ie. delinquent fathers and their estranged children. Where do people get the nerve to cast themselves in positions that clearly was never bestowed on them? Positions that they clearly have contributed zero effort towards. Further calling themselves monikers that are used so affectionately by people worldwide. I felt a bit of embarrassment for them, because we all know they are anything but. I was even more annoyed knowing this was something which would be bragged about from their end. I wish people would be more honest with themselves and not be so hung up on an image. As basic as it sounds, you are by no means grandparents to my child; you’re merely related. I strongly believe in titles and how we represent ourselves to a child. This is generally how trust develops and primarily why I was most annoyed. We all teach our children about strangers and counter that family and friends are people we can trust, who are ‘safe’. There was no way I could attach these titles to people that aren’t in my sons life. Furthermore, you don’t get to call yourself such names and treat him any old way. Further confusing him and leaving him open to so many questions. Children have a very odd way of feeling emptiness and asking about people that should be around that aren’t. Especially when they see these relationships around them. Their love is very pure, and based on your relation to them, they will either love you or not. I’m definitely not ready to introduce my child to what a broken relationship is. I’ve seen the effects and will kindly bow out of that mountain. As a stretch, as his parent, our permission to associate with my child a certain way should be given prior. Especially when it comes to people who have problem filling children with fallacies about all manner of things. Trust that there is a special kind of hell for people who try to control and turn a child’s mind. I don’t believe assuming a role that isn’t yours is healthy, for anyone involved. When my son met his paternal grandfather he was introduced to him as his name and said who he is. He was called by his name because in his life there hasn’t been that relationship. I believe in calling a spade a spade when it comes to letting people in. I refuse to teach my child it is ok to hold on to mediocre relationships. I simply refuse to teach him to be a doormat for someone just because of their title. Most importantly, that not everyone related to you deserves to be loved by you. *deep sigh*

It’s a disservice to think your children aren’t already living and building relationships with people. Trust that only the best people should be allowed to grace their presence; they don’t need early encounters with the cold world…

Natural Deodorant…

img_20170110_103816_567After I gave birth, I noticed that my underarm odor was on 1000! Holy! I had problems with odor before but nothing was lasting, and I had to switch deodorants multiple times. I This led me to do more research on the underarms, anti-perspirants and deodorants. The long term effects of using commercial ‘deos’ were saddening and low key stressed me out. I didn’t get the chance to delve more into making natural changes but I recently decided to do so for the new year. The thought of making my own seemed weird as I knew the power in my underarms! lol. I however tried a recipe I found here: https://wellnessmama.com/1523/natural-deodorant/. I did not follow the measurements as I did not want to make too much, as I wanted to sample it first. This was a huge mistake! img_20170219_151302957I got the worst burns, my arms were dark and the skin was stripping. I was at a lost. My arms were not funky and the fat under no longer felt swollen and hurt. however, the skin was suffering. Luckily, I had also followed her steps on how to detox the armpits and had bentonite clay around the house. I did some research and replaced the baking soda with bentonite clay, added magnesium and lavender. I still didn’t measure but only because I know nothing else in the initial mix caused a reaction. I also just wanted a sample, but this ended up being more than I had planned so I’m working with it. Things have been going well with this mix of cornstarch, bentonite clay, magnesium, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree and lavender oil; no irritation. Truthfully, it doesn’t last as long as the initial mix. I spray some magnesium under my arms and use my fingers to apply it all over, wear it to work and in the morning before gym, I top up! While it is way more work than commercial long last, 24-48 hour deodorants, I feel better using this mix! Once this batch is finished though, I may move on to a natural deodorant from the store as this will not win against the summer heat but is a very nice welcomed break! Until then…i’m working with it! lol