I thanked hubbs for waking me up at 6am but didn’t actually move. He was the only one that heard the alarm; thank goodness. Baby and I hugged up on each other and slept as he grew tired of trying to get me out of bed. When he started to cuss us out, I thanked him again and crawled to the washroom. It was 6:30am and we had less than an hour to make the bus. I sterilized bottles them showered while he prepped baby bag, snacks and water.
We were about to miss our bus and so I quickly dressed baby, grabbed the garbage and we were out. I ran all the way to Hotel Presidente in an effort to hold the bus, only to get there and be told we were on the list! We paid 134 CUC for this trip!  A phone call later and our bus was a different one from the tour we booked with and hadn’t arrived yet.  I ordered us some breakfast and as we were about to partake the bus came. Off to Vinales we go, or so we thought. We made a number of stops to pick up passengers at other hotels then we were off at 8:45am! Baby was knocked out soon after thankfully. We made a washroom stop and the attendant was displeased when I didn’t need to buy her tissue and shared my flushable wipes with the lady beside me who chatted me up as we waited in line.

If she could have kicked in into the dingy stall she would have! Lol We were en route again and the scenery was very relaxing. Our first stop was the Guayabita rum factory, where we got to see the bottling of rum and taste the fruit. We purchased 4 bottles from their shop for 20 CUC and were en route again. I knocked out and when I woke up we were being shown 2 men dressed as indians with a eagle and a Cuban hutia. It was very odd to see as they were just in a circle with no other indians around. I get that it was a re-enactment but it was very weird to see. I went to use the washroom during this part of the tour and before the attendant would let me in she said .60 CUC. I was a bit confused and was about to walk away but I really needed to pee and she let me pass. I was extremely annoyed at this practice, because people will tip on their own. The only coin I had was 1 CUC so I paid it as she literally stood in the entrance when I was about to exit. Either you were being pushed to buy toilet tissue or access to use the fucking toilet??! Disgusting. Later at lunch, I was offered the child seat and instead of bringing it over the same woman was beckoning me to come to her.
I didn’t go and we held our baby in our lap. I wasn’t going to pay to use a fucking seat! Anyway, after I passed the ‘indian’ mess they had displayed, we all watched as fresh cane was grinded with slices of fresh pineapple. This was 2 CUC and we enjoyed a cup. It was even more delicious with some Guayabita for 3 more CUCs. I had promised baby ice cream from the day before and the lil bugger remembered so I bought a small tub for us all to share. Then came the adventure we were waiting for! We ventured in and through a cave. This was an amazing experience and was very much worth it! It was majestic to me, I felt so cool! As a plus, in order to exit we got a boat ride around the cave and out to nearby steps. A hat was passed around and I kindly passed it forward.
This was a pretty neat experience. We all piled into the nearby restaurant and ate a very nice lunch of fruits, salad, chicken, pork, rice, potatoes, rice pudding and coffee. Man, I will miss Cuban coffee, it is definitely a delight. I stopped drinking it at the start of the year and refuse to even purchase a bag to take home with us! Sigh. Our next stop was at a tobacco farm. This was so serene and felt unreal. We watched one being rolled then all took turns at the delicacy. It was delicious! We bought 10 for 20 CUC and was ushered off the farm to the Mural de le Historia. This is a must see but will leave you with questions. First being, why? Lol. Baby rode a cow and we were amazed that he wasn’t scared at all. We were told to give what we can so I gave 2 CUCs and we enjoyed sipping on a pina colada for another 3 CUCs. Our last stop was at the lookout and this was majestic as well. Vinales is really the ‘Garden of Cuba’ and the ride home was just as scenic. We couldn’t wait to get through the door and shower. We were starving and tired! We showered, packed our luggage and bought dinner at El Idillio to go and came back home. I finally got to try Ropa Vieja and hubs got shrimp and lobster. They were both ok, a bit heavy on the sauce but we had our fill and was chilling about for the night!


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