Flight deck….

As previous posts will show, nothing is off limits on this blog.

I wanted to discuss a recent traumatic experience that my husband and I endured. It was a cool Friday evening and we were all packed and ready to go to the airport. My son seemed to be in good spirits. I mean the kid was talking up a storm the entire way there. We got dropped off and stood looking at the double doors. We were about to fly with a toddler. All was going well until we realised we left the car seat in the car. No biggie, my beautiful cousin quickly made it back to the airport and we grabbed it with loads of time left!

The airport days of traveling has changed and if legal, mandatory rapid blood and drug tests would be a thing for everyone. It is and will always feel that invasive! Nevertheless, we marched through those doors with high hope! Upon seeing the huge wide open spaces, charging all about became his thing. We made a deal, I dealt with the docs and hubby manned the child. When I tell you that I was exhausted by the time we got on that flight; believe me. He
ran about, we read him books, we sang him songs, he rode the escalator a million times, he screamed at the top of his lungs and cried every time we tried to constrain him. We were being beat and we couldn’t do shit about it. It was rents versus kid and the kid was a champ. To make things even more complicated, we were stuck with a flight delayed for over an hour! I thought I was about to lose my mind and could see that my husband’s patience and high spirits were fraying as well. We did it all and nothing was good enough to grab his attention. My personal favorite was when he pulled all the pringles out of the can and crushed them at all once, all over the seats and floor. In shame, and with heads hung, I threw away the red tin after barely getting a good taste of a chip that brought me back to my childhood. At this point we were engulfed in desperation and could not leave. We were trapped with what felt like that all the passengers in the entire airport in a tight section. My child was wreaking havoc and we were both losing our minds! He wouldn’t sit still! What kind of sorcery was this?!

Salvation came when he finally said ‘sleepy’. Out of the blue, he decided he had enough, did a great job at torturing us and wanted to go to bed. My hubby rocked him to sleep and thankfully we had a quiet flight. We were winded and
wished we could sleep too but that was out of the question. What I know though was that I absolutely loved being glared at by other passengers on the plane. I low key wished my son was awake to do his roaring lion sound at every one of them. Seriously, he was already sleeping and people still thought it necessary to show their disappointment with having a child on their flight! BOOOO! Be nice!

Our return flight was another horror but this time only because of the ear popping. All four babies and me were bawling our eyes out. It was horrible and none of them could settle enough to get some rest, thankfully it was only an hour long flight. At first the gentleman seated directly beside us refused to make eye contact. It was as if he acknowledged us things would become real. We ignored him because a fitting war of words would have rained on him at the slightest peep! I detest people who go out of their way to treat people like they are insignificant. We needed to let him know in advance that were sorry for what he was about to endure, as he was being a jerk we didn’t care.

Salute to the mom that gave my son a stuffed toy that absolutely scared the shit out of him. I felt a slight tinge of satisfaction watching him scream! He eventually warmed up to it and it calmed him for a bit. When her baby started bawling his little eyes out from the turbulence, we gave it back….sigh! Looking forward to doing this again soon. Hope this time I won’t have to gouge my eyes out!


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