Coconut dreams…


shredded coconut

img_20170227_214154020We have been dealing with a case of diaper yeast for about a month now. We got a prescription for it because it looked so bad and it went away then came back. We read a lot about how your sugar intake affects it and we noticed that his night time changes were too infrequent which we believe caused it.

Now, since we switched from homo milk to coconut milk we no longer have issues with eczema. We actually believe that the milk was his trigger. All weekend long I mixed his formula with 2% cows milk instead of the coconut milk and by Sunday night I could feel bumps on his thighs and arms. I felt sad about both issues and decided to try something new, as I love being creative.



While we haven’t tackled the diaper yeast issue yet and will be taking him back to the doctor, we wanted to work on his milk. See, the coconut milk he was getting nightly, 2-3 times sometimes was a bit sweet. I switched brands to one that has been a perfect fit so far but I wanted to kick it up a notch and make my own. I love ‘Wellness Mama’ and when my first search referred to her page, I became even more excited. The recipe here: Homemade Coconut Milk was very easy and the product was delicious! I tasted the coconut milk we switched to and it tasted very similar, major plus!

I was skeptical in buying coconut chunks or whole coconut because you can’t see the flesh but my aunt bought an entire coconut and loved it, so I decided to try! Thanks Wal-Mart.


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