Natural Deodorant…

img_20170110_103816_567After I gave birth, I noticed that my underarm odor was on 1000! Holy! I had problems with odor before but nothing was lasting, and I had to switch deodorants multiple times. I This led me to do more research on the underarms, anti-perspirants and deodorants. The long term effects of using commercial ‘deos’ were saddening and low key stressed me out. I didn’t get the chance to delve more into making natural changes but I recently decided to do so for the new year. The thought of making my own seemed weird as I knew the power in my underarms! lol. I however tried a recipe I found here: I did not follow the measurements as I did not want to make too much, as I wanted to sample it first. This was a huge mistake! img_20170219_151302957I got the worst burns, my arms were dark and the skin was stripping. I was at a lost. My arms were not funky and the fat under no longer felt swollen and hurt. however, the skin was suffering. Luckily, I had also followed her steps on how to detox the armpits and had bentonite clay around the house. I did some research and replaced the baking soda with bentonite clay, added magnesium and lavender. I still didn’t measure but only because I know nothing else in the initial mix caused a reaction. I also just wanted a sample, but this ended up being more than I had planned so I’m working with it. Things have been going well with this mix of cornstarch, bentonite clay, magnesium, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree and lavender oil; no irritation. Truthfully, it doesn’t last as long as the initial mix. I spray some magnesium under my arms and use my fingers to apply it all over, wear it to work and in the morning before gym, I top up! While it is way more work than commercial long last, 24-48 hour deodorants, I feel better using this mix! Once this batch is finished though, I may move on to a natural deodorant from the store as this will not win against the summer heat but is a very nice welcomed break! Until then…i’m working with it! lol


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