Simple Salmon


In progress…

Today I wanted a simple salmon.

I have made elaborate salmon meals with mayo and parmesan that was delicious! Today, I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy as my appetite hasn’t been the greatest lately. I wanted something quick and light. I had to prepare lunch for work and so I decided to keep it plain and I did not regret it! I chopped some hot peppers, green onions, white onions, green peppers and mashed garlic. I then rubbed my fish with salt and black pepper. I put some of my seasoningsimg_20170213_102331_778 on the foil, then laid my fish on top and covered it with the remaining seasonings. I placed thyme on top, it was originally 2 stems but the other fell on the ground! I then baked it for 25 mins at 375.

I paired this yummy light fish with a salad that had strawberries, red onions and blueberries galore. It was enough to satisfy my cravings and help me with getting some omega 3 fatty acids;-)


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