…..in silence….

I can be a very quiet and reserved person, so conversations pass me by a lot. I’m the type of person that will let you paint me with your words and thoughts and not offer a peep. I have a smiling face and eyebrows raised ready to listen and my answer is usually told by my facial expression.  I often create classifications in my mind where I group people and hardly ever do I have someone surprise me. Which led me to think, do people self-reflect? Are they connecting with themselves. Do the things you do to others, something you would want done to you? Have you ever heard someone say, ‘do you listen to yourself?’, because, do you? I find that a lot of people speak only because they are able to, not because they have something substantial to say. The last word is theirs; always. One of my favorite things is to eavesdrop; not intentionally but as I find myself in different places I am listening all around. I used to do this thing where I was ‘in silence’ and I would hardly talk all day and just observe and listen to the world. Letting things fall in place and most importantly watch my impact on others. It’s worthy to ponder on things sometimes…let your mind run away with you…


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