New year…

screenshot_20170201-182238I’ve been busy. My aim for the new year has been on track and I can’t complain. I got a new job starting January. I’ll be working on my writing by trying to blog every day in February. I hope to kick things up a notch in the art/drawing world in March. I have no specific plans for the other months as yet but I might come up with something. Now, while those are things that I complete as each day ends, I also try to work on my health and body.


BODY: I started going to the gym. I hate every waking minute of it. All I do is walk on the treadmill really fast for 1hr and then leave immediately. I literally, wipe down the machine, put on my jacket and go straight through the door. No pomp and flare there.  Zero.  I have been eating a whole lot better though, very proud of that. I do have my occasional lapse in judgement but for the most part I’m on track. Tons of green smoothies and cutting carbs! I started taking Iron and probiotics regularly, both of which I knew I needed but never got a handle on. We had also successfully replaced cows milk with coconut for my son and we are working hard to get a handle on his eczema,

HAIR: I genuinely underestimated the natural hair game. I thought, ‘oh just let it fly, it will be cute’. I then started experiencing the driest, thirstiest hair ever, the thing was stiff! I ran to my coalition of naturalistas and they GAVE. IT. TO. ME! I wasn’t doing a quarter of the things I should. I decided to change and so I created an oil mixture for myimg-20170124-wa0003 hair which includes jojoba oil, coconut oil, Jamaica black castor oil, white shea butter, olive oil, vegetable glycerin and tea tree oil.  I even added a bit of carrot oil when I noticed I was running out. Created a small regime and have been enlisting and reusing a few notable to keep me on track. I could do more naturally here, but I haven’t been in the mood to create much lately.

SKIN: I have been failing. I bought a liquid based lotion and have been using that while I ensure my baby continuedx to use my homemade body butter. I haven’t been in the mood to make any more.  I ditched the commercial stuff for a DIY natural deodorant and while I have challenges, I haven’t regretted the decision at all! My arm feels so much lighter and softer, the fat under my arm is no longer swollen regularly and doesn’t hurt when I squeeze it. I did get nasty burns due to the baking soda content though and so I recreated the recipe and omitted it all together. I don’t know how often I will use a DIY version as I need way stronger support but I am not mad at this decision at all!

So, that’s me, all this has been keeping me very busy. I must say that working on and concentrating on being a healthier family is very time consuming. There’s so much knowledge out there at our fingertips and an abundance of things to do with our lives, I feel like I’m playing catch up and loving it all! I haven’t had much time to cohort with others and I don’t mind that one bit either. I guess I am adulating way harder than ever right now.

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