Green goals…



Isn’t it odd how people get judged for eating well? How much people turn up their noses at suggestions that involve earth grown or natural processes. I don’t mean vegans, they’re on their own planet masked with a level of aggression that is impenetrable. I mean how people are so timid to try things, natural things. How they pity people who only eat salads and condemn them as if they should be ashamed. To the point that healthy food is labelled ‘rabbit food’. How you can almost feel people thinking you have a complex because you put yourself on a strict healthy diet. I do it as well, I won’t lie. However I do it as an inquiry. Are you sure you’re eating enough? Is that sufficient for your body, do you have enough energy.

As I embark on an even greater natural path for myself and my family, I find myself asking these questions as well. Researching what gives me what and is enough. What shouldn’t I over do or what definitely doesn’t go together and I’m lost. However, I try and I just don’t get the hesitation or the need to degrade your own health further. I once had someone say they only eat chicken breast and I though wow good; until I realized it was in reference to Popeye’s. I can honestly say I’m not a fan of chicken breast, too meaty, but I don’t fake the funk either. I don’t get a diet coke with a huge burger and upgraded fries. I honestly try and at times I fall short, but I don’t put others down for their strength. I aspire to be a lot and do more. Pushing myself to a certain point. I hope for the new year, everyone will take an extra step to being healthier and eating better as well. How bad could that be?


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