Coconut dreams…


shredded coconut

img_20170227_214154020We have been dealing with a case of diaper yeast for about a month now. We got a prescription for it because it looked so bad and it went away then came back. We read a lot about how your sugar intake affects it and we noticed that his night time changes were too infrequent which we believe caused it.

Now, since we switched from homo milk to coconut milk we no longer have issues with eczema. We actually believe that the milk was his trigger. All weekend long I mixed his formula with 2% cows milk instead of the coconut milk and by Sunday night I could feel bumps on his thighs and arms. I felt sad about both issues and decided to try something new, as I love being creative.



While we haven’t tackled the diaper yeast issue yet and will be taking him back to the doctor, we wanted to work on his milk. See, the coconut milk he was getting nightly, 2-3 times sometimes was a bit sweet. I switched brands to one that has been a perfect fit so far but I wanted to kick it up a notch and make my own. I love ‘Wellness Mama’ and when my first search referred to her page, I became even more excited. The recipe here: Homemade Coconut Milk was very easy and the product was delicious! I tasted the coconut milk we switched to and it tasted very similar, major plus!

I was skeptical in buying coconut chunks or whole coconut because you can’t see the flesh but my aunt bought an entire coconut and loved it, so I decided to try! Thanks Wal-Mart.


Granola Crumble?

img_20170214_102338_654So I love dessert! It’s my weakness. Wherever there’s cake, I’m available. I added granola, poured some yogurt on top then added blueberries. I sprinkled hemp hearts and chia seeds on top. Chia makes a great pudding so I know it would be palatable after sitting in yogurt for awhile. My goodness I did not expect such a yummy snack! It tasted like a fresh cake. The granola soaked up the yogurt and was moist. The yogurt was like icing, the blueberry juice was welcoming and the chia and hemp hearts was great as a crunch to balance it all. I had it at room temperature but chilling in the fridge was way yummier! It genuinely tasted like an individual cake:-)

Breakfast on the go…

img_20170219_163952037-1I used to have oatmeal with granola and some sort of nut and grain every morning. after awhile, I started getting stomach aches every single day. Sadly, I had to replace the oatmeal. I replaced it with a green smoothie and 2 boiled eggs. Eventually I got very bored of this every single day. I then opted for the gluten free Chex cereal, got bored again. Last week I decided to try this Special K cereal and even my son loves it!! NO stomach cramps and it’s very filling! My next plan is gluten free overnight oats! Very happy with this choice so far. Try some!

Natural Deodorant…

img_20170110_103816_567After I gave birth, I noticed that my underarm odor was on 1000! Holy! I had problems with odor before but nothing was lasting, and I had to switch deodorants multiple times. I This led me to do more research on the underarms, anti-perspirants and deodorants. The long term effects of using commercial ‘deos’ were saddening and low key stressed me out. I didn’t get the chance to delve more into making natural changes but I recently decided to do so for the new year. The thought of making my own seemed weird as I knew the power in my underarms! lol. I however tried a recipe I found here: I did not follow the measurements as I did not want to make too much, as I wanted to sample it first. This was a huge mistake! img_20170219_151302957I got the worst burns, my arms were dark and the skin was stripping. I was at a lost. My arms were not funky and the fat under no longer felt swollen and hurt. however, the skin was suffering. Luckily, I had also followed her steps on how to detox the armpits and had bentonite clay around the house. I did some research and replaced the baking soda with bentonite clay, added magnesium and lavender. I still didn’t measure but only because I know nothing else in the initial mix caused a reaction. I also just wanted a sample, but this ended up being more than I had planned so I’m working with it. Things have been going well with this mix of cornstarch, bentonite clay, magnesium, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree and lavender oil; no irritation. Truthfully, it doesn’t last as long as the initial mix. I spray some magnesium under my arms and use my fingers to apply it all over, wear it to work and in the morning before gym, I top up! While it is way more work than commercial long last, 24-48 hour deodorants, I feel better using this mix! Once this batch is finished though, I may move on to a natural deodorant from the store as this will not win against the summer heat but is a very nice welcomed break! Until then…i’m working with it! lol

ACV trial…..

I always have apple cider vinegar in my home. Whenever my throat feels a little ticklish, I dilute a tablespoon with a img_20170219_145159341cup of water and down it. It works in building me up against what would have been a cold in a few days. I usually get the supermarket brand but I decided to pick up a bottle of Bragg. Now, we’ve all heard it, Apple Cider Vinegar cuts belly fat. There’s ads all over the internet about it and reports on researchers finding positive results. My hubby has recently taken drinking this as a daily ritual, so I decided to get a bottle of the real deal!  So, I poured about 2 tablespoons in a cup with a little water to dilute it, no measurements whatsoever. I did NOT know or expect how strong this would be. I immediately felt funny in the tummy. I pushed it to the back of my mind as breakfast was about to go down and I didn’t want to miss out. I ate with the family but could not make it much future. My stomach was being ripped a part. I dropped the kids off at the pool then crashed on the couch as my stomach was rumbling. I reached out to a friend and  she let me know that I need an entire bottle of water for 2 teaspoons much less the little bit I had with 2 tablespoons!! OY VEY! All in all, when I was done with my trips to the washroom, I felt really clear and I was starving:-(. I could see how this works but will be very sure to dilute! dilute! dilute!

Shoo flu!!




The elixir

My hubby said he read somewhere that our baby will get 6-8 colds this year. I immediately felt defeated, as he’s currently on no. 2. I decided that it won’t beat us and the moment we got home today, I got to work. I minced some garlic added two teaspoons of honey and squeezed some lemon in the mix. I stir it up and together we administered the potion! I feel like this is the wickedest think I’ve ever done to my son. The taste of the garlic did sting! I don’t believe eating raw garlic is yummy but I wanted something natural and guaranteed. We hugged it out and he proceeded to wipe his nose in my shirt, and with that we can call it even!

Let’s hope your babies are having better luck than mine and my household!


I miss my paternal grandmother. I knew her when I was a young girl and even though she passed when I was about 12 or 13, I still very much miss her dearly. I didn’t treat her that well when she was here on earth because she was extraordinarily miserable. I mean m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e! I couldn’t fathom it, and used to wonder why the hell she was picking on me! My fondest memory of her is actually one where I got a whooping! Lol. She and my grandfather ran a restaurant in the city square where they lived-Papine, and one day I was on the rooftop patio clearing the tables and a guest left a little bit of beer in their Red Stripe bottle. I looked around and put that bottle right to my head. Next thing I knew she flew down on me and with her strong hands and gave me about 3 slaps across my back! I was so startled, I could piss myself! My mother is going to hear about this I thought!! She was an excellent, excellent cook and very protective. I did love that she took me everywhere with her and like a grandmother, was always teaching a lesson and extending a treat. I have a friend that reminds me so much of the care of a loving grandmother but I sometimes feel like I burden her too much. If Miss Slyvie was here, I wouldn’t care because grandmothers are not allowed to dislike you. If she was here, so many life choices would have gone differently, because her word would be one I could count on and trust. I also wish she was here to meet my son, who in his own way is the sweetest! Sigh, just musings today…nothing major!