A Seat At The Table Review……part deux

….and SCENE!

We’re back and I’m right back to my perfect candlelight and zen.

Laying with my hands behind my head and my eyes closed. I ride the waves of Where Do We Go. The beat is so much larger than life. I smile at past memories this made flood to my mind. It’s relatable and you may listen being grateful you made the right decision or just be satisfied with sharing the same question you currently face.

F.U.B.U is the anthem. The answer to racism. The ultimate middle finger to the bullshit. ‘Don’t clip my wings before I learn to fly‘…’don’t feel bad if you can’t sing along, just be glad you got the whole wide world’. Enjoy the various sounds in this track as it glides right into Borderline.

Knew there was something about Junie that I couldn’t put my finger on. Andre 3000 and Raphael Saadiq magical asses are on this. The beat coming through right before ‘you want to be the teacher’ will make your hips roll!

At track 18 I started feeling sad as the album was almost done. I felt so grateful for this body of work. Coming off of a Stranger Things high, this track won me over immediately. The 80s Retrowave intro had me playing an air keyboard, one hand completing one line, then the other. I immediately looked up the lyrics because I had to sing along. I ugly sang this song 6 times before moving on. I went off, silent notes where my voice deserted me, leaning my face to ensure the notes left and hard gasping just to catch the next line. I thought this song became me and that I did so well I considered posting a cover on YouTube. I don’t have a melodic bone in my body but I’d do it so people actually look the original up. I feel like it would be so bad it would go viral and people would want to hear the original, just to answer ‘WTF’.  I can easily say this was my favourite and though it pained me to pick 1 fave. ‘This concrete don’t have love for me’ was my favourite line.  Plot twist: Though the lyrics don’t fit, I’d dance naked to this for my boo, full on hard shake my ass.

Les Interludes gems: If you don’t understand my work, then you don’t understand me. Don’t let anyone steal your magic. Have no limits to what you can do. Don’t put people on pedestals that just are humans like us. Black people do always have to rehab themselves!

I spent a good while reading reviews all over the net. The entire album as written by Solange. Usually when an individual controls an entire body of work, there are qualms. There’s not even 1 to be found here.

I haven’t enjoyed an album this much since Emeli Sande’s-Our Version of Events…2011.

Please bless your life with this magic…

*Replays ‘Don’t Wish Me Well’ as I wash baby bottles…my house is gonna be sick of this song!.



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