A Seat At The Table Review part. 1…

I have zero musical accolades and have never written a review, but this is from my heart…

I went to the part of our apartment that reminds me of my room back home. There is am ambience there that hugs me even when I’m deep under the covers. A spirit that leads me to just be and do whatever I want to do. This is the space you need to be in when you plug your head phones in and hit PLAY on this album. The first play on this album isn’t a speaker box type deal; it needs to be private.  It’s meant to be an intimate dialogue of crescendos, treble clefts and whatever else they have in music and YOUR silence. Let it permeate your veins and give yourself the chance to be fed. I lit some candles and tuck myself under the comforter and there I laid as I was mesmerized by the vocals of Queen Solange Ferguson, our patron Saint Heron. Every rhythm on this album knocks. Knocks very hard.


The light formed a heart…talk about a perfect moment…

The heaviness of the world isn’t missed by anyone because there hasn’t been a break and the first joint on this motherfucker just fucking said what everyone is feeling. The beat played on your curiosity as to what this album is about, then It knocked the fucking nail in the head. ‘I am weary of the ways of world!’ I am sick and tired of seeing the wars, police brutality, murders, the politics, the suffering, the anger, those lost running about with no end in sight. Those displaced and hurting and those just lingering. She said…’Be leery of your place in the world…you’re feeling in like you’re chasing the world…and leaving not a trace in the world.’ The rat race will make you feel like you’re being thrown down a dark slope and you can’t change course. You can. She said it. Let this be the chicken soup, to your hardened soul.

Cranes in the sky spoke to a personal battle for me. I will leave that as is. Stay out my business but ‘post-it’ it to the part of your mind that you wish. It’s that fluid.

I’ve learned to let go of things just recently and I still have a lot of growing up to do. As an adult, accountability is so important and humility will help you grow so much; marry them. Since the birth of my son, I don’t have to privilege others have to constantly be on about something even when my plate is full. I cannot snap and break things and stick it to people and let them ‘suck it’. That’s time lost that I can’t get back and trouble my ass can’t afford to be in, in 2016! Listen to her though and take it from me, you got the right to be mad but if you carry it along, It only gets in the way. Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

I went full on head rocking, body twisting, finger snapping to ‘Don’t You Wait’. This is my life mantra. Don’t waste my time, or yours; ever. First of all, I cannot be tamed. My spirit transcends moments and I have to keep zooming. This is the track that pulled me from under my comforter and made me get my laptop. I needed to capture my exposure in milliseconds, in digital ‘carbon form’.


2 days post BIG CHOP #twa

Patron saints, now listen. I recently hacked off all of my hair, ‘homestyle’. A friend, a pair of scissors and a cheering spouse. When it was done I probably sat staring at myself in the mirror for 2hrs, wondering what the fuck I just did. I felt ugly. The catch was that I had to embrace it. So I did, and it was the best decision of my life. So much came with it that had nothing to do with me though. I was told I looked like a man. After being invited to a wedding, I was told I ‘should probably wear a wig’. I’ve had days at work when comments were made when it wasn’t ‘curly’. That it looked dry. I smiled in the face of it all and embraced the maturity and strength that came from defending something that felt and made me feel SO good. Something that I cannot apologize for! Not at the length or the ‘aesthetic look’ where people ask to touch, but when they do I’ll politely say no. this is a universal black woman problem and I know the song isn’t as straight forward as the title. My point is that my natural hair caused me to build MYSELF up so much, I have to protect it EVERY TIME. It becomes your second heart and not everyone can touch it.

Les interludes: The glory IS in you. Trust. Matthew was living in the threat of death daily, angry for years, somewhat like the current state of things. However, Tina taught me to be proud-er; asap. There is no greater joy than embracing being black.


…..and my kid just woke up as I am only 7 songs in. Gotta go hold his hand while he drinks his babba back to bed; hopefully….

…..Nope, nothing like a shitty diaper to pull you back to reality…


Part duex soon….



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