Feelin’ jaded….

Sometimes you just get fed the fuck up. Tired of talking to someone who never understands what is being repeated to them for clarity. It gets exhausting. Throw life in the mix and you can’t work to win arguments the way you used to. There is no time and energy; there is no space for that. You have to cut your losses and move on. I started doing a lot of that in my life recently and since I’ve been back to work. My bottom line got much THINNER….

My mercy isn’t infinite and won’t be taken for granted. If I were to speak, to embellish, then it won’t happen. My mind reprocesses things I should say but don’t. My silence is my comfort and alibi. Nothing can take my power to move, speak or represent myself. Shamelessly, I move on and above things that anger me. I no longer possess the faculty to work to bring people to understand me. It has proven to be much too draining. Perhaps, I am difficult and if that is so, then what luck. I hope your taste of sweet release will replenish anything I have taken from you. Unapologetically me.


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