Work world wars…

My ability to not get attached to people sometimes inspires and scares me. There are times though when it is completely warranted and you need to detach immediately. It is difficult to not form cliques within the work place and these relationship gets strained when placed in a do or die situation. This is when you will see the blur in the lines of your work/personal relationship and maybe you end up being lucky enough to have a successful outcome. I’ll tell you what I don’t do ever, and that is to put a ‘friend’ above my role. I cannot fairly be asked to do so either, so when ‘friends’ become enraged at me completing my tasks and willing them to do their jobs. I find it very comforting and easy to kindly slip out of their lives. You do not respect me or my job and therefore we cannot continue a friendship knowing I am being taken for a joke. Needless to say, I will tell you when you are being out of line and ask you to stop prior to dismissing you from my life. I will directly ask that you not do certain things as well. When you cannot see the error of your ways and blatantly disregard the fact that what you have done is not only unfair, disrespectful but very disgusting; I, oddly become very grateful. It cements my perceptions and makes it entirely easier to pass on you in a friendly manner. We can always keep things professional, this is our obligation. I will never risk my job for someone who does not pay my bills or contribute to my family life. No one should. Ever. Humans are too fickle and watching them revel in being ‘wrong and strong’ is always disappointing but definitely needed to enable a purge. This isn’t the first time I have had to play a part in a situation such as this and it has never been a bad decision. I remember the first time I witnessed this happen to another friend and we were both shocked at how seamlessly this person was cut off. It later happened that I had to do the same to this ‘friend’ and I understood it and would do it again in a heartbeat; especially since she ended up being terminated. It can be argued that some co-workers cannot be your friends and you should never feel guilty about this. I remember I lost work friends when they did lay-offs at my company. I had no part in the decision making and while I was spared, I was also immediately blocked and deleted. For shame, I think I stupidly felt guilty about this for a while until I gained a bit more experience in the work world. Sadly, you just have to move on. Don’t complicate things and don’t be afraid to limit your interactions with a lot of people you work with; it can only do you a world of good!


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