Sound out….

I recently picked up a habit and that is to actively listen to every word people are saying to me. In this I found a lot of truths and mysteries to people. I find that I ask questions seeking clarity more as well. Usually, I would coast through conversations until they are over, or find an excuse to take myself away. In doing this, I find that I learn about people so much more now. I am in tune to their likes and dislikes, I remember specific details about them, and I actually wonder about them in private moments. I especially like to ask about their future. I am so drawn to the energy that comes from people speaking about their goals. I am sure to be mum when goals don’t fit personas as the shock and awe that awaits when dreams are realised, is very inspiring to watch. I have somehow become more encouraging as well. Perhaps it is the mom in me, but I easily tell people how proud of them. How good they make me feel to know them, how honored I am to be in their lives. I did this to my grand-aunt the other day and she was speechless, that is very hard to do, but my kind words stunned her. She responded with many thanks and that she hadn’t been blessed with such words since she was a child.

This made me think, it is children that usually get told how proud their parents/guardians are of them. I reflected on my own childhood and couldn’t remember one instance. I looked at my son and my heart burst with joy at how proud I am just how well he’s thriving. How proud I am to just be his mother, every time he stands up, as he is now learning to walk, I feel so proud to bear witness to such growth. I smiled at the thought of how people respond to hearing those words. ‘I am so proud of you’, translation, I see your growth, acknowledges it and know that you may not be so sure of what you are doing, but thank you for sharing it. I promised myself to only sincerely express this, and so far I have been doing a great job. So far, each response has been a wide eye and a smile, sometimes followed by me showing others just how great they are. ‘I am so proud of you’. Just in case anyone forgets to tell you, or loved ones get caught up in their own lives. Most importantly, just in case you forget your purpose and lose sight. Just in case, you are not sure but is far from where you where and is ‘somehow’ pushing forward. I am so proud of you.