Ode to My Unborn Child

This is flashback post written Sept. 20, 2012.

I love you and need you;
I can’t wait to be your guide,
To teach you all the things I have inside,
My soul is filled like a treasure box which i’ll clasp into your hands.

I’ll never let you forget what great parents you have.

Never let you doubt my presence at any presence,
Never let you regret my image or my guidance,
Never let you think we don’t love you,

Never let you wish you weren’t due.

I will carry you till the earth draws with my every step,


Your parents….circa 2012!

Papa and I will ensure you get all that you’re supposed to get,
Have you build self-empowerment and pride.
I’ll never let you think you’re the worst, even when you’re against the tide
I will try all in my power to appease the hurt brought to you,
Even in discipline or punishment, our love will shine through,

You will be strong and astute, humble, but firm with your views,

I will teach you about control, focus and the confidence I never had as a youth.

My emotions used to tear at the part of peoples lips,
With my inner strength I eventually learned to rise above this,

My unborn child I need you, can’t wait to meet you,

I hope you get papa’s heart and my kindness.

Papa’s personality and my humbleness,

We promise to try to be our best selves,

To listen and nurture and support your individual self,
And if ever you see me failing as your mother,
Please hold my hand and show me just what bothers.

I will never ignore your cries for help or understanding,

We promise you a life filled with wonderful things!


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