Fire in the loins….

I love sharing immigration stories; it’s my new thing and a refresher that reminds me of how far I have come in life.

A little humor…

obama fam

Election 2008

Here’s how I knew I now lived in a first world country….

It was 2008, November, I was only in the country 7 months and Barack Obama was running for power. A black man might be the President of the United States of America. Black people everywhere were at their highest peak of pride and excitement for OUR advancement. I remember one friend saying if he wins we can run naked freely (to
tally passed on that one!). It felt like he was every black person president and not just the United States of America. It felt like he was Jamaican and he grew up near us back home and we were proud to see someone we knew not just on TV but running for such a high position. We were all secretly happy he was alive and in the running, him and his beautiful family.

We live in Canada, but my aunt was hosting an election party. These were very popular during this time as this was a huge moment for black people across the globe! There was champagne, Spumante Bambino of course, cake, tons of food, music and jokes for days. The vibe was good, we were buzzing and everyone was in a feel good mood! We were all in high spirits, but apparently my aunt was a little more spirited than all of us. She usually is though and is one of those people that just cannot calm down, ever, in life. We all loved her spirit and she is always a joy to be around.

barrack n michelle

Barack and Michelle on their wedding day…

Anyway, we ate, drank and danced with each other as we awaited the results. It was a very light airy feeling and we waited with baited breathe as they called it! Barack Obama was the winner. Holy Santa Maria!! We all jumped in the air and cheered. We were over the moon, we couldn’t contain it. Of course, if our normal levels of excitement were above regular levels then just imagine what my aunt was like! Out of the blue she started doing a praise dance while screaming FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! We laughed at her dancing but then the fire alarm went off! I got nervous and confused as we didn’t have these back home. I wasn’t sure what to do and outside was bitterly cold! My cousin quickly reacted and stopped the alarm and touted that her screams set it off. I was AMAZED! I must have stared at that thing for a good hour, wondering what else it heard us say. I thought to myself, fire can never take my life, because the alarms go off on its own once you say the word. I’m still not sure what exactly happened but was in awe of the fact that just like that, the fire station would be alerted and there was no fire! I thought to myself what a strange and wonderful world!

To this day, every time I enter a house, I make a note of where the fire alarm is! I need to know that thing is working!


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