Taco Tuesday!!






We started running out of ideas on how to use squash and had just bought an inspiralizer. The butternut squash turned out very well and had a sweet taste to it, despite being eaten raw! This one is a no-brainer and required minimal acrobatics in getting to our plates! We mixed zuchini with the butternut squash for a raw noodles base, squeezed lemon juice on top and a pinch of black pepper.IMG_20151111_172258953


We have never had collard greens this ways before, but they served as excellent taco ‘shells’ IMG_20151113_022532486. We simply washed the leaves and broke the stems to a manageable point. I must say though, they were a bit dry, not a very watery vegetable and this was a texture we were not used to in vegetables. Once, we got over the initial crunchiness, we really enjoyed our tacos.

We had defrosted some chicken breasts, so we sliced and seasoned the pieces and  cooked it up on the stove top with onions, garlic and a bit of sweet and sour sauce. They turned out really well and once we laid our our zoodles and topped with chicken, we rolled up our tacos and enjoyed every bit! All that was missing was a bit of mashed avocados for a little creaminess. Alas! There will be other times;-)



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