Bah Humbug!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

For most people, this entire month is just an excuse to be extremely kind and loving and more importantly grateful and happy! It is when you let your guard down and be nice to even strangers. People are forgiven for crossing you
and everyone seems to be in heavenly peace.IMG_20151204_105943640

It’s also the time of year where the exchange of gifts and treating the littles are very big! I don’t believe I will be joining this crowd this year. My child’s favorite toy is the remote, his dads beard, his blankie and unfortunately, MY hair.

It’s definitely not about money, but I just don’t think that at 7 months old he’s at the age where gifts matter. We are constantly buying him things anyway. I just don’t see the splurge for Christmas happening. I’m also requesting that any gifts he receives will be a book!  I’m hoping I can keep this plan in effect!


Taco Tuesday!!






We started running out of ideas on how to use squash and had just bought an inspiralizer. The butternut squash turned out very well and had a sweet taste to it, despite being eaten raw! This one is a no-brainer and required minimal acrobatics in getting to our plates! We mixed zuchini with the butternut squash for a raw noodles base, squeezed lemon juice on top and a pinch of black pepper.IMG_20151111_172258953


We have never had collard greens this ways before, but they served as excellent taco ‘shells’ IMG_20151113_022532486. We simply washed the leaves and broke the stems to a manageable point. I must say though, they were a bit dry, not a very watery vegetable and this was a texture we were not used to in vegetables. Once, we got over the initial crunchiness, we really enjoyed our tacos.

We had defrosted some chicken breasts, so we sliced and seasoned the pieces and  cooked it up on the stove top with onions, garlic and a bit of sweet and sour sauce. They turned out really well and once we laid our our zoodles and topped with chicken, we rolled up our tacos and enjoyed every bit! All that was missing was a bit of mashed avocados for a little creaminess. Alas! There will be other times;-)



I recently read post about how often women with children are have sex in a relationship and it left me a little disturbed.

Of the 46 comments, 12 are not having sex at all and 13 are having sex 1-2 times per month.

Weekly less than half the amount of women are having sex. 11 are engaging 1-2 times per week, 5 go at it 3-4 times per week, 3 hop on it 5-6 times per week and 2 lucky buggers are engaging every day, 7 days per week.

I believe sex to be a very big part of a healthy relationship. While everyone will have different meanings to what completes the act, we will use to common structure. Two individuals engage in penetration until one/ both are spent.

Now, I don’t mean to judge, but deep issues lie with those that aren’t getting involved at all. This bracket carried the second highest amount of votes. I understand life gets in the way, work, home, kids, family, finances, technology, health, entertainment; it all weighs us down.  The fact is that being in a relationship and not having sex with your partner is happening means things are severely disrupted. This act is there to work as a release, an escape.we all know, if the act is mundane, spice it up. If the act is painful, compromise and teach other what to do. To completely separate yourself from your partner intimately is sad to me. This means you wholly, solely do not want to be touched by someone you once enjoyed. Closed off. What broke? What ruined the joy? What exactly is so bad and is this scary?

Perhaps it is immature to think that you should constantly provide in order to keep your partner, but isn’t this a big part of a relationship? Giving them what they want, satisfying needs only you know how or should know how?

In my own life, as newlyweds we encountered a dry spell which thankfully did not last. It was promptly addressed and the reasoning was that marriage initially felt so final and that marriage stereotypes were playing with our emotions. Neither of us needed to be the textbook spouse and once we settled the dust, we were right back to ‘porking’.

I just can’t imagine a relationship without intimacy and good ol’ lovin’. Worse, once this falls apart, what else will follow? Give in and if you can’t bring yourself to do so, speak up.