Chocolate Covered Strawberries….

This is a flashback post that had been written back in Oct. 22nd, 2011, after sullen times.

I know a lot you can relate as relationships go through a lot of trials; please enjoy.

He sent me chocolate covered Strawberries today…
A bear and request that made me say….
I’d marry the man of my dreams, my soldier….
When I came home he also cooked, made a lovely dinner….
I ate in admiration and loved every last drop….
I ate and watch his every move and knew he’d have my back….

For a second I felt we were right back where we started….
Right under the tambarind tree, when the day ended…..
I flashback to that first time love, such care…..
Without a doubt, I reassured myself I was gonna bring that back…..

No more fights I told myself…..
No more stress over things that can’t be helped…..
I got all the love I needed right before my eyes…..
It was the same love from simpler times…..
It just lost its way and I know it was glad to be back…..

Hand and foot I promised myself and him in my heart…..
Just like the old days we’ll never be apart…..
I lost my muchness for a tat…..
But by God’s grace, I got it back….

I had a flashback on the old me, fighting for sides….314667_10150875828965442_659250831_n
Refusing to sleep in my own sheets…..
Loving how his voice trailed when we both fell asleep……
and so as an introduction, I gave him my promise…..

I licked and sucked and rubbed…..
I treated him like the King he is…..
I kissed and pinned his back to the sheets….
Made him relax while I made of him, a feast…..

Enthralled in every ounce of pleasure…..
I gave him what he liked best, me as his rider……
All inhibitions aside, all insecurities behind……
I rode to my heart’s content….
Caught his rhythm and rode until he was spent…..

Then I dressed him just like the many first times…..
Fed him crystal liquid to his parchness was quenched….
Turned down the lyrics to the talent I wish I could soothe him with…..
Watched in the candlelight as his eyes fought their last fight……

And in a long time, things were as they were…..
Perfect and tender…..
I will get my rest, knowing tomorrow will be another wonder…….


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