Every time I think about my family and friends I think about the moment we came home with our child. How, in our moments of need those who offered even a single text were so appreciated. Also, how funny it is that those who did aren’t related. It’s easy for people to be there for you in dire straits,  because once they have a heart they will feel prompted to help you fix your reality. These are the people you let celebrate with you during your amazing moments. I recently partied with a 60 year old man who curse, drinks, works hard and fucks like crazy. I said to my husband, he hasn’t for one moment since I’ve known him not live his life. We have learned a lot from him and have preemptively made sure we brought an appropriate crowd around him. This crowd I noticed are people who just like him, and us, have absolutely one goal in life and that’s to live like your being paid to have fun! We gradually aligned ourselves with people of this nature. This gradually caused a lot of others to move in another direction from us.

We. Have. Never. Regretted. This.

I learned very quickly after giving birth, that you are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with. You are undoubtedly, your friends/peers. You will find an attitude and sometimes a change in your belief around some people, then later wonder why the hell did I do/say that. I really don’t do/like that kind of thing, you might think. In this moment u realize the weeds in your life. They change you for the worse because they are pulling you very far away from being yourself. Govern your life, be true to yourself and let those who cannot handle the charge, fall right off. There is never any shame in really liking a second slice of cake in a room full of nazi dieters. Fuck! Why was cake there anyway! Balance your life, by balancing those who have a say in it.



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