Baby Care….

I’m not sure how you feel about baby care, but in our home we strive for natural as possible.

Babies are such delicate beings, complicating their journey in the world comes at the cost of toxic chemicals in a lot of products.

When our son was born, we decided to use oil on his skin. During the colder months we started with Benjamins OliveIMG_20150923_113327199 Oil, then switched to Nutiva Coconut Oil as the Summer progressed. While we used traditional wipes for baby’s butt,
I’m hoping to transition to something healthier once our stash is done.

Determining what to use on baby’s skin was easy because we considered what we would accept him eating, since his hands are always in his mouth. Traditional lotion was not appealing.  We don’t regret this decision and would suggest that you reconsider the products you use, especially after shower. Speaking of shower, we love using Dr. Bonner baby soap. We ensure that it is very diluted as we only really need a lil sud during those hectic days. Otherwise only water is used for his head and face.

We wash everything with Ivory Snow and we don’t plan on skimming on laundry detergent. This is because there is a lot of things to combat (pee, poo, mucus, spit up, formula stains) and we need a really good clean. We tried Purex baby soft but was not impressed with how well it cleaned our toughest stains. When we need to, we use vinegar as a fabric softener.

Vinegar and Baking soda with hot water is also used to clean his toys, teething rings, formula thermos and any other item that baby may come in contact with.

I imagine we will need to explore options for diaper rashes etc when baby starts moving around. For now, we are content with how baby is being cared for and wish to show all parents how easy it is to make better choices.


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