Grilled peaches….

Disclaimer: LIGHT adult literature, dirty thoughts may consume you…or not.

I shuffled at the rattle of the door.

‘Mister’ I said.

‘Mrs.’ He replied

He searched my core for a good 10 seconds as if he was trying to uncover new truths. Eventually our eyes locked and he knew I was already there. I sat up and though fully robed, I brought his eyes to an unprotected territory and his face tightened.

I sat quietly as he slowly found his way to where I was stationed. I watched as he pulled his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. As he took his time to unclip his cuff links and fold his sleeves, I held my gaze. Even as he sipped his scotch slowly, I did not rescind. I know him making me wait was payback for the urgency I created in him needing to meet me here. So, I allowed him to him his fun.

I shyly cleared my throat as I watched him get closer to me with a piece of ice in hand. I was ready but pensive as I could not read his plan. I blushed as he brushed my skin when he kissed my lips. As if I was a simple matter he lifted me with one swoop and carefully used his prop to tease my vulnerable points. As if I had given him a step by step guide his act was perfect; practice made him perfect. He was a seasoned lover, hitting every point necessary and filling every desire leaving me wanting more. I let him have his way and not for one second wander anywhere else but in this room, being devoured by him and all his greatness.

We both shuddered from our vibrations and I retired to his arms; well pleasured.

We laughed at our getaway and sadly started facing the reality we had to leave.

‘Stop’ I said. ‘Before we go back home to those screaming kids, I ordered room service-coconut crusted fish with a side of grilled peaches’.…



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