Baby Care….

I’m not sure how you feel about baby care, but in our home we strive for natural as possible.

Babies are such delicate beings, complicating their journey in the world comes at the cost of toxic chemicals in a lot of products.

When our son was born, we decided to use oil on his skin. During the colder months we started with Benjamins OliveIMG_20150923_113327199 Oil, then switched to Nutiva Coconut Oil as the Summer progressed. While we used traditional wipes for baby’s butt,
I’m hoping to transition to something healthier once our stash is done.

Determining what to use on baby’s skin was easy because we considered what we would accept him eating, since his hands are always in his mouth. Traditional lotion was not appealing.  We don’t regret this decision and would suggest that you reconsider the products you use, especially after shower. Speaking of shower, we love using Dr. Bonner baby soap. We ensure that it is very diluted as we only really need a lil sud during those hectic days. Otherwise only water is used for his head and face.

We wash everything with Ivory Snow and we don’t plan on skimming on laundry detergent. This is because there is a lot of things to combat (pee, poo, mucus, spit up, formula stains) and we need a really good clean. We tried Purex baby soft but was not impressed with how well it cleaned our toughest stains. When we need to, we use vinegar as a fabric softener.

Vinegar and Baking soda with hot water is also used to clean his toys, teething rings, formula thermos and any other item that baby may come in contact with.

I imagine we will need to explore options for diaper rashes etc when baby starts moving around. For now, we are content with how baby is being cared for and wish to show all parents how easy it is to make better choices.


Are you celebrating?!!


Recently went to Metro for eggs. I planned to spend $5 or less but ended up spending $16! The supermarket is my kryptonite and one day I will conquer this addiction.

As for now, I would like to share a frugal find. If you happen to be celebrating something small with the family, this chocolatey-vanilla goodness is one for the books. At a whopping $5, this is perfect for small victories.

You could even stick some candles on top and make a wish! It is an absolutely delicious dessert that every one will enjoy.


Did I mention it’s 90 calories per slice, well….with the portion being 10 slices.

I refuse to apologise….

The birth of my son filled me with a new sense of strength; unfortunately it’s not the strength to overcome. It is the strength to go ape shit and all the way out obnoxious and belligerent. I have gained the strength to nip things in the bud immediately, regardless of saving face. The strength to bite my lips to the point where I taste blood because the last bit of respect I have for someone is being toyed with. I, fortunately is now feeling what every mother feels.

Horrible news story where infants, toddlers and children are inflicted used to rub me the wrong way, now I’m justIMG_20150917_144220 flat out mad and ready. I’m ready to wage a war on any perpetrator. I’m ready to band with any mother who needs artillery and manpower to defend the innocence and rights of her child. I refuse to apologize for being crazy when
people come at me sideways about things I’d rather not talk about and have made clear. T
hings they deem appropriate but is highly disrespectful and just anyone that thinks they have what it takes to question my family. I have been gifted a new boldness that will let you get your ass handed to you. Please do not pass your place with my family or be downright rude, as I will be forced to rip your face of with my toenails and devour every inch of your sad being inch by inch. By inch. A part of me is sad as I have lost my tranquility. I am usually calm and level headed, thoughtful and very understanding. I am still that way but I feel I have been tweeked somewhat. I just cannot appreciate seeing my heart walk around the world and get trampled on. No, ma’am. I have decided to own this newness and have unfortunately pushed away a few individuals who clearly cannot handle my truths. I refuse to apologize. Give me my due and if you are unable to abide by the rules of my life, then please don’t let that door hit you on the way out. Sigh, sadly I have begun to scare myself.

My husband himself has been filled with a new wonderment. I imagine he wonders where I’ve gone and just when exactly will I be coming back. Never, baby. Never 

Grilled peaches….

Disclaimer: LIGHT adult literature, dirty thoughts may consume you…or not.

I shuffled at the rattle of the door.

‘Mister’ I said.

‘Mrs.’ He replied

He searched my core for a good 10 seconds as if he was trying to uncover new truths. Eventually our eyes locked and he knew I was already there. I sat up and though fully robed, I brought his eyes to an unprotected territory and his face tightened.

I sat quietly as he slowly found his way to where I was stationed. I watched as he pulled his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. As he took his time to unclip his cuff links and fold his sleeves, I held my gaze. Even as he sipped his scotch slowly, I did not rescind. I know him making me wait was payback for the urgency I created in him needing to meet me here. So, I allowed him to him his fun.

I shyly cleared my throat as I watched him get closer to me with a piece of ice in hand. I was ready but pensive as I could not read his plan. I blushed as he brushed my skin when he kissed my lips. As if I was a simple matter he lifted me with one swoop and carefully used his prop to tease my vulnerable points. As if I had given him a step by step guide his act was perfect; practice made him perfect. He was a seasoned lover, hitting every point necessary and filling every desire leaving me wanting more. I let him have his way and not for one second wander anywhere else but in this room, being devoured by him and all his greatness.

We both shuddered from our vibrations and I retired to his arms; well pleasured.

We laughed at our getaway and sadly started facing the reality we had to leave.

‘Stop’ I said. ‘Before we go back home to those screaming kids, I ordered room service-coconut crusted fish with a side of grilled peaches’.…


Squash Obsession!!

Roast Squash yummy goodness!!

  1. Turn oven on to 350
  2. Cut the squash in two
  3. Place your squash on parchment paper, cut side down
  4. Leave in for 40-45 mins or until a fork goes through easily
  5. Scoop out all the goodness and enjoy!!

I didn’t think it needed any type of oils or herbs and it was very moist once I took it our before the juices started running.

Feel free to pair with other veggies, use as a substitute for potatoes or as a side to a delish meat dish.


My squash after I scooped out all the yummy roasted goodness!!

Mental pressure….

Every time my fingers dance across the pages of an ‘O’ magazine, I immediately go Martha Beck’s piece. I absolutely appreciate and adore the ways she proves you may not be living to your full mental potential and just how you can fix it. I have battled people and issues that affected my mental space. I didn’t go crazy or act out but the way I handle things have not always been orthodox. I say this to say, forgiveness is key when grooming your mental health. Of yourself and others that have wronged you, it is vital in getting yourself to that feel good place and allowing yourself to stay there. Sticking it to someone is a temporary solution but once the dust settles, you will find yourself embarrassed for dealing with that person the way you did. A lot of advice talks about expressing your feelings and talking things out with people, this isn’t always possible, as humans are very sensitive and quick to lie.

In my lifetime, I have stuck to the reserved side of things. Holding my opinion of others to myself and spitefully not IMG_20150613_205238letting people know just what I think of them, I however have been excellent at showing them. I think this is key, as
people hear what they want to hear and will mince your words and make you out to be a tyrant. Physically bridge the gap between what you think and feel and what you want others to know. In many cases, less words is more and you will begin to see just how people hear and absorb things. I have been known to be a despot over my life. I do what I
want when I want and I never apologize for it. I will not sacrifice my comfort for anyone or anything and I try to not make promises I am unable to keep. I directly decline invitations and keep the in and out of faces into my consciousness to a minimum. You will not win me, but I will do so respectfully.  I don’t ever show boat or gloat nor do I advertise my life as grand. I let others make and stick to their assumptions of me because it’s a much simpler life. I would be the one to lay down and let you by instead of standing in your way and I try to never give unsolicited advice.

The worrying part is; others. Ageism is a crime against humanity that cannot fizzle. It holds us back in so many ways, but people don’t realise it. It is a silent killer. It is also the reason a lot of families break apart or have a hard time coming to fold. Older generations put down the younger generation or try to control them to oblivion. Then, when left to their own vices the younger generation is so weak and thinning. There is also complaint of a lack of moral fibre. Then, you throw a young married couple in the mix of things and you have terrible ego wars. No one willing to let humility win. Eventually though, you will learn to let each other be. The wars aren’t worth it and will definitely disturb your mental clarity. Semblance brought you together and once accepted, will bring you to your knees;  because we are more alike than we think.