Breastfeeding woes!

breast pump

Avent breast pump

Breastfeeding is best for baby BUT….

I have a low supply but in all honesty sitting to have my son nurse for over an hour is not appealing to me.

In the moments when I am super tired, a bottle is an amazing solution. My husband can take over and bond with baby over his meal. It would be even better if it was an entire bottle of mommy’s milk! So I saw a comprehensive list of ways to boost supply and will be trying a few out myself!

Fenugreek does cause BO and mothers milk tea is great help as well!

Please note: I saw this information on a post in a private moms group on Facebook and wanted to share the love!

I unfortunately cannot tag the individual and none of this is from me:

‘1. Pump, pump, pump. Power pumping which means 15min on 15min off for 1 hour one to two times daily

2. Nursing. Let the baby pacify on you, as nipple stimulation is the key to production

3. Oatmeal. Eat at least one bowl of oatmeal a day.

4. Gallon of water. Yes I know it seems crazy but drink a bottle of water each time you nurse and you will get there!

5. Gatorade. For some reason Gatorade works to up supply. Specifically the blue one breast 3

6. Raw nuts. Snack on raw nuts while breastfeeding. Almonds seem to work best and be suggested often

7. Avocado. Add some avocado to a meal and it will help stimulate production

8. Goats rue, alfalfa supplements, blessed thistle, and lactation blend supplements

9. Fenugreek. I don’t widely suggest this one as it can cause stomach issues in mommy and baby, and weight gain in mommy. Not to forget to mention it makes you smell like maple syrup

10. Mothers milk tea. 3-5 times daily

11. Lactation tonic. Follow instructions but I believe it’s 15-20drops a day

12. Brewers yeast. Yes like in beer. You can actually drink a beer to help up your supply

13. Red raspberry tea is known to help some women

14. Heat compression. Applying heat to your breasts while nursing or pumping is shown to help the milk ducts release easier

15. Hand massage. Hand massage in the shower, while nursing/ pumping helps stimulate your body to think you need more

16. Skin to skin. Skin to skin is important because your boobs react to your baby so if your baby is there is will tell them they should be producing. Try skin to skin for 15min before nursing and while nursing is possible.

17. fruits and veggies of all sorts are known to help as well.

18. Milky tea

19. 3 1/2 tbs of coconut oil daily breast 2

20. Garlic babies love the taste so if your milk is garlicky they will stay latched longer and stimulate your nipples more.

21. Lactation cookies. Eat them all day and these are known to up supply quickly.

24. Flax seed. Add to oatmeal or sprinkle over a salad

25. Coconut water ‘


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