Burritos Baby!

Sometimes eating gets boring and you have to jazz things up!

We are currently going through a phase where we are tired of rice and other traditional West Indian dishes.

We experimented with tortillas we found in the grocery store and are very pleased with the results.

So listen…..cut up some sweet peppers, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mash some avocados and even open a tin of corn. I smeared some mayo on, then I loaded the tortilla with vegetables and topped it with¬†the meat of my choice, rolled the baby up and enjoyed! It is very easy to freestyle with this dish!

We added apples and barbecue chicken breasts to this dish but you can get as fancy with it as you want. We have also put shrimp on the grill and toss those bad boys on as well. A dab of hot sauce and dinner was a win!


dinner 2


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