Juicing for life….

I wanted more out of my body and wanted a healthy, natural way to get things going. I invested in two juicers now and while both are no longer with me, I miss them immensely. Until I can replace my juicer with one that is reputable and long lasting, I would like to share my juice recipes.

There were times when I juiced 3 days in advance so as to reduce the daunting tasks of prepping, juicing and cleaning up. During the times I juiced, I felt so energetic, my brain function was impressive; especially my memory and I was beginning to lose weight. I began to substitute meals for juices and as such I believe losing weight was the best tradeoff for me and I vouched to share this with anyone who would listen. I invested small and did not regret both purchases and until I can get a ‘big boy’ juicer, I am enjoying the smoothie life. Please enjoy these family friendly (most are) juice recipes.

Just click the pic to print…




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